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Mental Health Conditions can become life-threatening and Highlands' philosophy regards them as treatable medical illnesses. Emphasis is placed on learning skills to sustain recovery. Family meetings are utilized to strengthen patients on their road to recovery.

Highlands Behavioral Health System offers the following psychiatric care options for adults:

  • Acute Inpatient

  • Partial Hospitalization

Adult Acute Inpatient

The acute inpatient program treats adults in an intensive therapeutic structure, providing medical and psychiatric stabilization and 24-hour nursing care for patients experiencing critical symptoms. It offers a comprehensive treatment approach to stabilizing acute psychiatric symptoms in adults of all ages.

Patients in crisis will find a safe and structured environment that offers compassion and hope. A multi-disciplinary treatment team including physicians, nurses, activities therapists and social workers create individualized treatment plans, with a special emphasis placed on medication management, as well as individual, group and family therapy.

The ultimate goal of treatment is to stabilize the immediate crisis and enable recovery with skills to promote personal and emotional development, relationship building and independence. Interventions are designed to provide patients with practical tools to manage their symptoms improve their coping abilities. A primary focus of treatment is placed on relapse prevention and education.

To reduce the need for future hospitalization, effective discharge planning is critical. Staff works towards identifying and coordinating community resource support and aftercare services to assist each patient in meeting their goals. Whenever possible, and clinically appropriate, a patient's family is engaged in the therapeutic process. Family or social support involvement is seen as being critical with successful recovery.

Adult Treatment Components
Treatment for each adult is administered by a multi-disciplinary team of mental health professionals led by a psychiatrist. Team members may include:

  • Psychiatrists

  • Internal Medicine Physician

  • Nurses

  • Social Workers

  • Case Managers

  • Activity Therapists

The treatment process begins with a comprehensive evaluation to help diagnose any underlying medical or biochemical origins of disease. An individualized plan of care is written to meet the special needs of each patient.

Therapeutic components may include:

  • Individual therapy

  • Family therapy

  • Group therapy

  • Drug/alcohol education

  • Recreational therapy

  • Activity therapy

  • Medication education

  • Pet Therapy


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