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Our Team

Medical Staff

Sorina Simion-Rodgers, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Adult Psychiatry
George Brandt, MD
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
David Weiss, MD
Adult Psychiatry
Thomas Vertrees, MD
Adult Psychiatry
Ajibade Adeladan, MD
Adult Psychiatry
Andrew Halpern, MD
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Aqeel Muhammed, MD
Ann Joseph, M.D.
James Wick, MD
Internal Medicine

Leadership Team

Lisa Strub, LCSW, CACII
Chief Executive Officer
Shawn Lemon
Group Chief Financial Officer
Sorina Simion-Rodgers, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Kathy Busch, RN
Chief Nursing Officer
Jessica Guenther
Senior Director, Business Development
Claire Davis, MA
Director of Intake
Thomas Braswell
Senior Director, Plant Operations
Nicolle Lowe, RN
Director, Risk Management & Quality Assurance

Stephanie Harris
Human Resources Manager