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Please review the following guidelines to ease your admission and stay at Highlands Behavioral Health System …

Welcome to Highlands Behavioral Health System. We trust that your child will benefit from their treatment here. Please review this information to prepare for your child’s stay. Additional information is outlined in the unit handbook given to you at admission. You may also call with any questions at 720.348.2800.

Arrival:  Once you arrive at HBHS, an Intake Clinician will meet with your child to complete the admission process and orient them to the hospital. Intake staff will search your child’s personal effects. Unit staff will conduct a thorough search of clothing and pockets to ensure safety. Your child will then be brought onto the unit to start treatment.

Patient ID Number:  Please retain your child’s Patient ID Number and provide it to any family member who will be calling or visiting your child. The Patient ID Number will be issued at admission and to protect your child’s privacy.

Visitation: Visiting hours are Monday through Friday from 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM; Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 AM to 10:15 AM.  No more than two visitors are allowed per patient at one time; family only, please. No child under 13 years old may visit. IDs must be provided.  Visiting is not allowed in patient rooms. Group rooms on each unit provide privacy for visits.   

Cell phones, purses and briefcases are not allowed and should be locked in the visitor’s car.

Cell Phone use is restricted at HBHS to create a quiet environment and protect patient confidentiality.

Phone Times:   We encourage families to call your child. Family members only, please. Families may leave a phone message any time during the day; your child can return calls during scheduled phone times.  During therapy sessions, only emergency calls are passed directly to the patient. Patient phone use may be limited by the physician and phone calls are allowed based on a privilege-level system.  The hospital phone number is 720.348.2800.  Hospital staff is available 24/7. Each patient can place or receive one 10-minute call during scheduled phone times. Additional calls may be placed as time allows.

Valuables should be sent home.

What to Bring:

  • Athletic /shoes tennis shoes (No Shoe Laces, Velcro will be provided)
  • Shorts- to knee only
  • Capri’s
  • 3 pants/sweatpants/leggings without strings
  • Skinny Jeans
  • 3 shirts/ sweat shirt
  • 5 underwear
  • Bras (no underwire)
  • Chest Binder
  • Jacket/coat worn off unit if going outside only
  • 1 set of appropriate night wear- PJ shirt/pants
  • Eye glasses/contacts
  • Plastic piercings if able to remove metal piercings
  • 1 hair tie without metal
  • Personal Hygiene products are supplied
  • Laundry facilities available- detergent provided
  • Robe without a tie
  • 1 Comfort item (blanket, pillow, stuffed animal)

What Not to Bring:

  • Clothing that is revealing or immodest
  • Studded/torn cloths
  • No tube socks
  • Items with strings or loose knit clothing
  • Any clothing items with a hood
  • Shorts-to knee only
  • Tank tops/spaghetti straps
  • Underwire bra
  • Books/journal(hospital provides)
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Cologne perfume after shave
  • Metal piercing or long chains necklace large rings large buckles
  • Belts scarves suspenders ties
  • Make up hair iron hair dryers
  • Lighters
  • Electronic devices
  • Hooded Jackets

Meeting with the Doctor: If your child arrives after 12 Noon, s/he may not see a psychiatrist until the next morning.

Average treatment is 5-7 days in length to provide your child with enough treatment to return home safely and develop the tools to prevent future hospitalizations. The 72-hour hold may be extended in the form of a short-term certification if your child is deemed unsafe to return home after 72 hours.