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Metro Denver Partners

The mission of Metro Denver Partners (MDP) is to promote a safe and growth-oriented environment in which at-risk youth can develop and flourish through friendship and commitment, mentoring and role modeling, education and guidance, and family support.

MDP was founded in 1968 by a small group of business people and community volunteers in response to a growing rate of juvenile delinquency in Denver. Their goal was to provide youth with the discipline, maturity and direction needed to prevent further involvement with the law, and to become stable and productive members of the community.

MDP continues to work toward that goal and has expanded its range of programs to better serve at-risk youth. As a result of being matched with adult mentors, youth gain self-esteem and confidence, show higher achievement and take increased personal responsibility for their own actions.

Metro Denver Partners has served more than 16,500 youth since its founding.

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