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Second Wind Fund

The mission of Second Wind Fund is to decrease the incidence of suicide in children and youth by removing the financial and social barriers to treatment.

The belief that the tragedy of a young person choosing to take his own life can be prevented was the prime motivator for the founders of the Second Wind Fund in 2002. That school year, four students at a Jefferson County School in Colorado died by suicide in a nine-month time frame.

In response to these four suicides three members of a local faith community, Jeff Lamontagne, Dr. Marjorie Laird, and Scott Fletcher organized a small community “Walk, Run, Ride” event to show solidarity with the school. The event, attended by 66 people, also raised a modest amount of money. The group decided to use that money to provide direct support to other young people at the school. The Second Wind Fund was born.

Other schools and other communities around Colorado heard about the program and now Second Wind Fund services are available in communities throughout the state. The Second Wind Fund is now poised to take its life-saving program to other regions of the USA.

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